"Let us give back value to time"

Butticé's philosophy is to always pay particular attention to the value that we give to time in the appreciation of simple things as can be:
a glass of fresh water, a dish of spaghetti, San-Marzano tomatoes, basil and olive oil from Puglia or a margherita pizza cooked over a wood fire with "mozzarella di bufala di Caserta", but also, by making pay attention to the clothes you choose to dress.


Butticé, clothes to please yourself and to please

Stéphane Butticé's mission is to create a brand of men's clothing that reflects the basics that he has always enjoyed choosing for dressing (and not for covering himself); to please oneself and to please.

The pieces are not simple pieces of fabric put together! No, they are more than clothes: they can change your days, they are an extension of your personality.

"Even during confinement, play sports in style."


THE handmade sartorial shirt in Naples

Butticé launches his very first capsule of 70 numbered sartorial shirts made by hand, in Naples, by the Errico Formicola Napoli workshop (in his career he was able to work with Mariano Rubinacci , Kiton , Borrelli to create his own structure ties and shirts).

The NAPOLITAN sartorial shirt and its 8 traditional hand-made passages

  • Italian soft collar

  • quarter shoulder

  • offset armhole

  • hand-sewn buttonhole embroidery

  • thick hand-sewn Australian mother-of-pearl buttons

  • shirt throat

  • crochet stitch "travetto"

  • reinforcement swallow


Much more than a "simple artisanal garment"

Stéphane Butticé wants to offer the same feeling of confidence he had when looking at himself in a mirror the first time he wore a piece made other than industrially, which can almost turn you into a Prince! We cover ourselves out of necessity, we dress to please ourselves and to please, this is Butticé's philosophy.

Stephane Butticé

"Even during confinement, play sports in style."


"Even during confinement, play sports in style."

"Even during confinement, play sports in style."